Monitoring solarparks

Optimizing Solar Panel Performance: Oliva's Solar Panel Monitoring Solutions

In the world of solar energy, the performance of your solar panels is the linchpin to success. At Oliva Energy, our Solar Panel Monitoring Solutions take monitoring to a whole new level, ensuring that your solar parks reach their full potential and beyond.

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Unlocking Hidden Potential

Solar parks have the potential to generate substantial clean energy. However, without effective energy management, they typically operate at only 85-95% of their capacity. That means lost energy, lost revenue, and an inefficient operation. Our monitoring solutions are designed to bridge this gap, improving performance ratios and ensuring that you get the most out of your solar investment.

Streamlining Maintenance

Effective maintenance is essential to keep your solar panels performing at their best. Without monitoring, managing a maintenance team can be an inefficient and costly endeavor. Our monitoring solutions provide real-time insights into the health of your solar panels, allowing you to proactively address issues and streamline your maintenance efforts. This translates into lower maintenance costs and higher operational efficiency.

Time Savings and Efficiency

Monitoring shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. Traditionally, it involved logging into various tools and generating manual reports, which consumed valuable hours. Oliva Monitoring solutions simplify the process. Our platform offers real-time data, intuitive dashboards, and automated reporting, saving you precious time and ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Unprecedented ROI

Perhaps the most compelling reason to invest in Oliva’s monitoring solutions is the return on investment (ROI) that our customers achieve. On average, our customers experience a remarkable 400-500% ROI on an annual basis using our platform. This impressive ROI not only validates the value of our monitoring services but also adds significant value to your solar park operations.

A Brighter Future Awaits

At Oliva Energy, we are dedicated to helping you harness the full potential of your solar panels. Our monitoring solutions empower you with data, insights, and cost savings that drive your solar energy endeavors to new heights. With Oliva by your side, a brighter, more efficient energy future is within reach.

Contact us today to learn how Oliva Monitoring Solutions can transform the performance of your solar park and elevate your solar energy ROI.

Monitoring energy generation by solar panels and assessing the yield with Oliva's Solar Panel Monitoring Solutions.

A reliable and cost-effective monitoring platform.

▪ Active monitoring with yield analyses.

▪ Independent of inverter manufacturer.

▪ Various insights for developers, installers and end-users.

▪ Monitoring per string or per panel is possible

Solar panel/inverter independent: e.g. SMA, SolarEdge, Sungrow and Solis; other brands are being added.

 Scalable: independent of the number of solar parks or power

capacities to monitor (100 or 1000 parks is no problem).

▪ Configuration management, add parks yourself.

▪ Automatic monitoring of solar parks (log files and status

reported by the park itself).

▪ Management Portal (Overview).

▪ Alerts on monitor screen and/or via email or other channels.

▪ Expandable with other functionalities and modules.