Signal creation

Harnessing Energy Signals: Oliva's Signalling Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of energy management, the ability to respond swiftly to ‘Signal creation’ is paramount. Oliva Energy equips you with flexible options to leverage external and internal signals for efficient energy asset management.

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Unlock the Power of Signals

Our Signalling solutions are designed to empower you with the flexibility to adapt and optimize your energy strategy in real-time. Here’s how:

External Signals: Oliva excels at processing external signals, such as negative price alerts or scale-down requests from your network provider. We enable you to respond to market dynamics and grid requirements with precision, ensuring you make the most of every opportunity.

Signal Creation: With Oliva’s cutting-edge energy AI models, we offer a range of signals that can be tailored to your unique strategies. Whether you’re aiming to enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs, or contribute to grid stability, our signals provide the foundation for informed decision-making.

The Heart of 'Signal creation' for Adaptive Energy Management

Signalling is the heartbeat of adaptive energy management. Oliva Energy places you in control by offering a robust system that responds to signals swiftly and intelligently. By leveraging the power of signals, you can optimize energy production and consumption to align perfectly with your goals.

Seize the Opportunities

Are you ready to harness the potential of signals in your energy management strategy? Contact us today to explore how Oliva’s Signalling solutions can transform the way you manage your energy assets, ensuring you are always one step ahead in the ever-changing energy landscape.

Oliva offers you flexible possibilities to create signals.

Based on the Oliva energy (AI) models, we provide signals for various strategies.

▪ Level 1: Volume optimization

▪ E.g., reduce imbalance costs: reduce the difference between promised delivery

(the day before) and what you deliver (on the day itself).

▪ E.g., stabilize delivery consumption profile.

▪ Take your energy contract into account.

▪ Level 2: Price optimization

▪ E.g., price optimization (charge battery at low price, discharge at high price).

▪ “Day-ahead” and “intraday” optimization, depending on your energy contract.

▪ Level 3: Volume x price optimization

▪ E.g., advice to traders that can be used as input for investment strategy. We are not traders