Energy Management System

Oliva Energy Solutions: Empowering Your Energy Management

Monitoring: Monitor and safeguard solar panel generation with Oliva Software for efficient Energy Management System insights, enhancing your energy management.

Curtailment: Disconnect solar panels during negative energy prices with the Oliva Energy Flexbox. By strategically curtailing energy production, save on costs and contribute to grid stability.

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Trading on Imbalance Market: Charge and discharge under the right conditions with Battery Management. Participate in imbalance markets and maximize revenue by aligning energy supply with grid demands.

Peak Shaving: Utilize Battery Management to spare the energy grid. Optimize energy consumption, avoid peak periods, and enhance efficiency.

Optimize Private Consumption: Direct consumers for increased private consumption with Energy Management. Ensure that energy supply matches demand profiles, reducing costs and waste.

FCR Market: Offer flexibility to a network company with Battery Management. Contribute to grid stability and reliability by providing ancillary services.

Day Ahead Pricing: Direct batteries and users based on weather predictions with Energy and Battery Management. Optimize energy consumption by aligning it with weather forecasts and pricing.

Smart Charging Square: Smart charging within the connection at the right prices. Ensure that electric vehicle charging is cost-effective and efficient.

Bi-directional Charging: Utilize Battery Management with vehicle batteries. Enhance the flexibility of vehicle batteries for grid support and energy trading.

Flexible Heating and Cooling: Direct production of hot water, cooling, and freezing based on energy prices with Energy Management. Optimize heating and cooling systems to reduce energy costs.

At Oliva Energy, we provide a suite of solutions to transform your energy management approach, save costs, increase revenue, and contribute to a sustainable and efficient energy future.