Oliva Flexbox

Oliva Flexbox: Your Versatile Energy Asset Manager

In the dynamic world of energy management, the Oliva Flexbox emerges as a game-changing hardware solution, providing unmatched versatility and control over a wide range of energy assets. At Oliva Energy, we believe in embracing diversity and flexibility to meet the unique needs of your energy portfolio.

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Unrestricted Protocol Support

The Oliva Flexbox stands out by offering support for all protocols commonly used in energy management, including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, OCCP, and relay. This flexibility sets it apart from comparable control devices, eliminating the limitations associated with solely Modbus connections. Your energy assets can seamlessly communicate and collaborate, regardless of the protocol they use.

Resilient Communication

In the face of temporary communication interruptions, the Oliva Flexbox continues to operate according to the set schedule. This resilience ensures uninterrupted energy management even in the event of a brief internet communication failure, keeping your energy assets on track.

Real-time Control and Monitoring

Unlike API-based solutions, the Oliva Flexbox offers a direct and faster data connection, enabling real-time control and monitoring of your energy assets. Instantaneous decision-making becomes a reality, allowing you to respond swiftly to changing energy dynamics.

Future-Proof Adaptability

Our Flexbox is designed with an eye toward the future. Its software can be remotely updated, a crucial advantage in an ever-evolving energy landscape. This feature allows you to manage new types of assets, implement different or innovative strategies, and stay at the forefront of industry advancements with ease.

Your Gateway to Energy Management Excellence

With our Flexbox, your energy assets are in capable hands. This versatile hardware solution streamlines your operations, enhances efficiency, and empowers you with the insights needed for informed decision-making. Embrace the future of energy management with a solution that adapts, responds, and evolves alongside your needs.

Elevate Your Energy Strategy

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your diverse energy assets? Contact us today to explore how our Flexbox can transform the way you manage your energy portfolio, ensuring adaptability, reliability, and a sustainable energy future.

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The Oliva Flexbox, equipped with Oliva software, provides the following functionalities:

▪ Curtailment: Network companies want to control solar energy installations when there is a lot of energy supply. They pay a fee for this, and the Oliva Flexbox ensures that your inverter(s) are controlled.

▪ Energy Management: Energy users can be controlled based on day-ahead energy prices or based on energy price predictions.

▪ Battery Management: To get maximum returns from energy storage/batteries, energy will need to be charged and discharged at the right moments. The Oliva Flexbox makes the right decisions based on model