Saman Group

Saman Is now able to monitor all their solarfields at the same time

Saman Projects B.V. is a leading developer and manager of energy systems, ranging from solar parks to advanced combination systems, such as solar parks integrated with cooling and storage facilities. Their focus lies in sustainable solutions that promote the energy transition.

Oliva Feasibility Scan

Client’s Request:

Saman Group’s specific requirement was real-time monitoring of all the energy systems they manage. They aimed to timely direct their maintenance team to ensure optimal performance of their diverse systems, with the ultimate goal of achieving maximum efficiency.’s Solution:

Oliva Energy deployed its advanced software to enable real-time monitoring of all energy systems. The software continuously analyzes patterns and predicts normal functioning. Upon detecting deviations, the maintenance team receives immediate notifications, enabling proactive intervention.

Result after Implementation:

The implementation of Oliva’s solution has resulted in an improved operational dynamic. Saman Group can now respond more rapidly to potential issues, significantly enhancing the overall efficiency of their energy systems. This has not only led to increased flexibility in the energy infrastructure but also a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions, strengthening their sustainability goals.