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Software For Smart Energy Management System

We help companies to manage solar panels, chargers, batteries, and all other energy-related assets using our Energy Management System.

System Design

Feasibility scan based on an analyses of your current consumption and generation, and simulations of different (new) energy system configuration


Monitor solar panels, batteries, and other devices on a single platform. and integrate benchmarking, detect issues and direct maintenance team.

Energy Management

Manage your energy assets to utilize the flexibility in your energy system and get the highest return on your solarpannels, batteries and other assets


Process external signals (e.g. from your network operator) for operational control and create customized signals based on 25 years of market experience

Oliva software

Smart Energy Management System

Our software enables a smart  energy system unlocking flexibility, increased profitability, energy efficiency, and reduced carbon emissions.

vision for the future

Why oliva?

The energy transition is more than investing in solar and wind power.  

Energy Systems need to become smart, so that energy production and energy consumption are aligned. With Oliva there is a 25 years plus experience with scholars and energyprofessionals that put all their knowledge in the best algorithms, so that all

your energy assets store, use and produce energy when really needed! 

We are a team with many years of experience in the energy market, installation of energy assets, data science, and IT. We joined forces to speed up the energy transition by developing software for smart energy systems.

Energy Management System


Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition and reduce CO2 emissions by offering software that makes every energy system flexible.


Enerygy  systems are not flexible enough to deal with renewable energy. This hinders the energy transition and causes unnecessary CO2 emissions.  

Oliva energy software

Energy Management System Software for Smart Energy Systems

Make your energy system smarter with Oliva’s Energy Management System. It is for instance smart to switch off  solar pannels or windmills (curtailment) in hours when there is too much energyproduction.

Even smarter is to add a battery that stores that energy so that one can use or sell that energy at a later stage. Or in the scenario whereby a company has high energy consuming assets, Oliva can controll the assets so that they use energy in the cheapest hours. 


Monitor all your energy assets on one platform. Integrate benchmarking, signalling issues, and instruct maintenance teams.

Solving Netcongestion

Understand the value of different energy system configurations.


Operate energy assets to exploit the flexibility in your energy system.


Create and channel signals to make operational decisions.


Switch off your solar pannels or windmills if the market does not need it.

System Design

Get the best design of your energy system by letting your assets work together.


Proud cases of Oliva Energy Management System


One client is responsible for the operations and maintenance of more than 200 solar parks with components from different suppliers.

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With Oliva software they monitor these parks in real time. The software signals deviations from expected production volumes and instructs maintenance teams where to detect issues. The client now guarantees higher performance ratios, yielding more production from the solar parks.


One energy company uses Flexboxes to curtail the production of solar parks when market prices are negative or when grid companies instruct to do so.

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With Oliva software they operate these curtailment decisions and share the proceeds of prevented losses from negative prices between different solar park owners.

Battery management

A client uses Oliva software to implement optimal charge and discharge cycles for operating batteries.

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Battery management

Using price and weather expectations as input, our algorithms find the best moments to charge and discharge. Then, Oliva software operates batteries accordingly.

Oliva Flexbox

Improve flexibility

Oliva Energy designed a platform that manages energy assets from a distance. Oliva Energy has implemented its software in hardware which is called the Oliva Flexbox.

Managed by Oliva Energy Management System, this Flexbox empowers  energy systems with flexibility and adaptability. The Flexbox curtails energy production or increases power consumption partially or completely at moments based on the marketprices or netcongestion.

With the Oliva Flexbox one controls energy assets, thereby preventing losses from negative prices, enhancing demand response, and improve flexibility to reduce CO2 emissions.

How we work..


1. study Data

Oliva software analyses data to determine the most effective method for optimising your energy system.


2. Monitor

Monitor your energy system with our software, providing detailed insights into its exact performance.

Our monitoring extends beyond basic tracking, incorporating advanced tools for performance prediction and benchmarking against other energy assets.


3. Implement

Oliva software helps to determine which components make your energy system smarter.

We work with installation partners to implement the required hardware into your energy system.


4. improve

To make your system smart, our software monitors, controls, and optimises its performance.

Oliva software uses algorithms to provide signals to make your energy system more flexible. <br><br>The results are visible through our monitoring software.


Customer References

"Energy systems are not flexible enough to utilise the full potential of renewable energy. This slows down the energy transition, causing unnecessary CO2 emissions"


Impact of Oliva Energy Management System

The current impact Oliva makes for the energy transition in specific KPI’s. 

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